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Donati Health Partners, utilizing three decades of experience exclusively in medical real estate development, will take full responsibility for the entire project delivery with our team or working with client approved design and construction teams. DHP executives are assigned to each project ensuring your project will have the "A" Team.  Our approach delivers a new facility that is efficient, attractive, and cost effective, with the #1 goal to improve your ability to deliver care to your patient population.  DHP development services include:

✓ Site Selection
✓ Market Analysis
✓ Physician / Tenant Interviews / LOI's
✓ Size and Scope
✓ Planning Efficiency Analysis
✓ Economics
✓ Ownership and JVs

✓ Marketing and Leasing
✓ Fee Development Option
✓ Jurisdictional Approvals
✓ Scheduling
✓ Design and Construction Team Selection
✓ Construction Management
✓ Overall Project and Development Management

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DHP Development Process

DHP undertakes a proven and efficient three phase process, while minimizing risk to the client.  DHP believes that before a client is asked to commit to proceeding with a new facility, a thorough Project Validation effort should take place first.   This is a 6 to 8 week process with significant client involvement, that verifies interest in the project, total size and scope, site alternatives, anticipated budget, economics, ownership and overall schedule.  After the client approves the results of Project Validation, DHP, along with the client, will secure interest in space, develop schematic plans, prepare a guaranteed price, and confirm ownership.  This information is then presented to the client for another approval of final scope, cost and ownership. Only after this approval will DHP ask the client to commit to the final development of the project.  Although all projects are unique, a general process will include the tasks identified below: