"It's What We Do ... It's Our Passion!"

Medical real estate development ... It's all we've ever done!

Helping hospitals and physicians since 1983!

It's All About Efficiency and Flexibility

DHP believes that a medical building is unique in that, unlike a general commercial office, the functional design and efficiency of an MOB can directly improve revenue. In some cases, the ability for a provider to see just one more patient per day, can pay a provider's entire rent….not just the gap in rent between his or her former space and a new building, but the entire rent or occupancy cost. Whether an on campus MOB or an off campus FED or Urgent Care, our development team is focused on ways to improve efficiency and with a goal of improving revenues and patient care.

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Property Management

With our focus on flexibility, Donati Health Partners will outsource all property management to a hospital approved property management firm, highly experienced in medical real estate, physician tenant relationships, and operational strategies for healthcare facilities. This flexibility allows the hospital to have the ability to make changes to the property manager, if deemed a requirement in the future based on service levels and overall client and tenant relationships.  DHP has relationships with many national and regional firms and can make recommendations for each project based on specific project tenancy.

✓ Better Image and Branding
✓ More Convenient Access to Outpatient Care
✓ More Revenue for the Health 
System and the Provider


Donati Health Partners is deeply passionate in serving our clients.  Having worked with hundreds of hospitals and thousands of physicians from coast to coast, DHP wants to serve our clients in the most flexible way possible.  Our focus is to respond to the fluid market demands and client needs regarding medical real estate and growth, and to provide the best solution for our clients' current strategic need.  Efficiency in patient throughput and flexibility in project structure are critical in today's environment.  Whether you are seeking ownership, fee development / owner's representation, select consutling, or just a second opinion, for large, small, on or off campus projects,  DHP is here to help in any way.


On and Off Campus Focus

Donati Health Partners helps hospitals and physicians build on-campus and off-campus single and multi-tenant medical facilities ranging from 3,000 square feet to more than 200,000 SF. Our product includes the following real estate solutions:​​

✓ Medical Office Buildings
✓ Urgent Care Centers
✓ Freestanding Emergency Centers
✓ Multi-Specialty Clinics

Physician Consolidation

DHP understands the dynamics surrounding hospitals and physician employment.  As a hospital continues to attract private practice physicians to join it's in-house physicians group, more and more fragmentation occurs due to the physicians many times remaining in their current locations, which could be in solo practice offices, stand alone clinics, or even within a competing hospital's MOB.  When employed physicians are consolidated in specific targeted markets many advantages become evident to a health system, and the physician.  Some of these upsides include:

✓ Imaging and Diagnostic Centers
✓ Ambulatory Surgery Centers
✓ Comprehensive Cancer Centers
✓ Any Targeted Healthcare Use for the Community


Health System Ownership

Due to the rapid advancement of physician employment, many MOBs are now leased primarily by the health system for not only outpatient departments but also for the physicians spaces as well.  This fact causes many health systems to consider owning the facility versus looking at outside ownership.  If this is the preferred ownership approach, DHP provides full service owner's representation or development management services on  behalf of the owner.  Utilizing our 32+ years and 6 million SF of direct experience, our approach ensures an efficient, streamlined, and cost effective solution for your next medical facility project.  


We Don't Have a Box!

Many large or historic medical real estate firms will work with you ...... "if" you fit in their box.  And sometimes that box is quite small.  DHP is asked often by prospective clients, "What is your typical deal?"  We are happy to reply, "We don't have a typical deal!".  Our approach to a project is to solve the clients' issues, strategy, and goals, whatever they may be.  DHP will structure project terms around those goals, and our clients will never be forced into a tiny box that only fits our needs.  Our clients are assured that DHP is focused on them for the duration, and not only on us.  


✓ More Efficient Space with Less Duplication
✓ Better Patient Throughout
✓ Less Occupancy Cost per Provider